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Grannsamverkan (neighbour cooperation) and tips for the summer

For some time now, we have been part of Grannsamverkan, which is a concept for making residential areas less attractive for criminal activities.

Here are some tips for the summer and the holidays we picked out. At the same time, we take the opportunity to wish you a really nice summer!

  • Inform neighbors if you are going away - even for shorter absences.
  • Be curious if you see unknown people in the property, or hear unexplained sounds. Dare to ask things like "who are you visiting?" "Are you a newcomer, I have not seen you before?"
  • Do not let strangers follow you into the entrance as you enter or exit. Consider the gate as the front door to your apartment.
  • Inform your neighbors if you plan to have craftsmen at home.
  • Ask a neighbor to take care of the mail (or poke it in the apartment if it sticks out) when you leave.
  • Remember that you can use the intercom, e.g. to let friends in to water your flowers - from your phone when you are away. There is no need to lend anyone your key fob (tag).
  • Be careful with social media status updates, do not reveal that you are away and for how long. Also remember that many services geotag your posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

In conclusion: make sure that your home looks inhabited even though you are not at home. However, changes must be made so that it does not look the same day after day.

We are of course extra happy for the nice perimeter protection we implemented in 2021!

There are more great tips and measures for 'Grannsamverkan' that we will address in the future.

Denna månad varnar polisen även för inbrott i området.

Here you can read more about 'Grannsamverkan'. (Swedish)

Call the police immediately if you discover a burglary - normally the police will arrive at the site for a technical examination within 48 hours, usually much faster than that. The actual report is done by telephone (if there is no ongoing crime, then the report is done on site). The sooner the police become aware of the crime, the sooner they can come and secure any traces. DO NOT CLEAN before talking to the police!

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